Custom Printing

Let Stockwell Greetings custom print and private label greeting cards for you or your organization.  This is a great way to enhance your CRM program with a very personal touch.  Greeting cards are a very effective way to advertise your company, and keep your name in front of your customers. Email campaigns often go into spam folders, never opened, never seen. Sending a paper greeting card is sending something solid, it's like a very large, very beautiful business card.

- On custom work there is a minimum order of 2,000 pieces per design that you select or send to us.

- The finished folded size is 5" X 7.75" on thick, 12pt semi-gloss paper.

- The finished product will be shipped to you with crisp white envelopes.


You can choose just one of our designs or 500, depending on your marketing goals.  Stockwell Greetings offers over 1,000 designs to select from.  We can change the colors, add your logo, your website, phone number to the back and your custom message inside.

Take a look at this example:

This was the design they chose:


Here is the finished product with their logo on the back



We will work with you from start to finish to create a greeting card that you’ll be proud to send out.  All cards are printed in Chicago on quality 12 pt. cover stock.

Getting your message across has never been more effective! Nothing beats getting a greeting card!

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